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Svizera Europe BV is based in the Netherlands nearby Schiphol Amsterdam and Rotterdam seaport. Svizera Europe BV mainly supplies to relief organization all over the world. The company was established in 2004 with the main objective contributing to the worldwide improvement of the diagnosis and treatment of of infectious diseases.

Nowadays in addition to tuberculosis and other infectious diseases we are focusing more and more on
generic pharmaceuticals;
chemicals laboratory;
hospital equipment and supplies;
reagent, chemicals and consumables.

Svizer Europe BV is structured as a project organization. This assures flexibility and the possibility to succesfullu handle complex projects. The people working at Svizera are both dedicated and service -orientated and therefore work as a team. This results in great successed for the company and its projects.

Thanks to our many years of experience Svizera is able to complete the most complex deliveries. We have already deliverd orders to over 100 countries througout the world, mainly to developing nations. Svizera Europe holds it s own bonded warehouse complete with a quarantaine section. Thanks to this warehouse, we have total control over the packaging and assembling of our products.

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Svizera holds the following Certificates


AEO Security and Safety





The hardware is the basis product. Hardware can be used for a long period of time.


These products are used during the delivery of a child. For instance vacuum pump, scissors, knifes . Most of these items can be used in local delivery posts and in the field.


Consumables are the products you can use for one delivery only. For example disposable bedliner, gloves, suture and gauze. One consumable kit will provide supplies each separately packed per delivery. The consumable kit can easily be re-orded. It will make sure that for each delivery there is a complete package available without the risk of a stock out on the individual parts.